Egil Arne Bjorndal

Tall, nordic, blonde, athletic looking man.



  • Born February 22, 1982 in Baerum, Norway to well-heeled parents (father, medical doctor and mother, professor of norwegian lit)


  • 1 year in Norwegian military
  • Orthopedic Surgeon (med school at Johns Hopkins, surgical residency at Duke University)
  • 4 years of private practice in Oslo


  • Won unprecedented 4 gold medals in biathalon(a sweep) in the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympic games as a 20 year old rookie. Was a national celebrity but shunned the media attention and retired from the sport to pursue medical career.


  • Married Siren Bakke in 2006. Have 2 children (born in 2007 and 2009): son (Knut Ivar) and daugher (Amelie Lovisa). Note: Egil has had no contact with them since everything went to hell in a handbasket. His motivation, ultimately, is to return and find them. His hope is that they escaped out to the family farm near Voss, Norway on the west coast.

Recent History

  • Came to the US on a research grant to study at the University of Washington before the collapse. Family remained in Norway. Hearing of the troubles in Alaska and fearing the issues likely to happen in the urban centers, Egil took passage on a ship heading to Fairbanks. He fought in the irregular army there, setting up and staffing a MASH unit, attempting to save lives by using his medical knowledge and, reluctantly, his marksmanship.
  • Egil Arne Bjorndal

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