GySgt. Rafael Jack Hernandez

Average height, athletic build, brown hair, brown eyes, scarred neck and cheek



  • Born November 1, 1973 Winslow AZ.


  • 1990: Two years undergraduate studies at U.C.: Riverside.


  • 1992: Attends recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot; San Diego.
  • 1993: Joins the Marine Corps Military Police right out of basic training. Begins the application process to join the scout sniper school at Camp Pendleton. Rejected three years in a row for failing the physical fitness portion of qualifications.
  • 1996: Accepted to the scout sniper program at Camp Pendleton. Scores 34/35 on the first day of known distance shooting, and 35/35 on the second. Scores 10/10 on both days unknown distance shooting.
  • 1997-2007: Deployed in numerous special ops throughout Afghanistan, South, and Central America. Earns promotions to the rank of Sergeant. Injured by shrapnel from an enemy R.P.G. while on deployment in South America.
  • 2008-2012: Serves as an instructor to new sniper recruits at Camp Pendleton. Receives Promotions to rank of Gunnery Sergeant, with this promotion he takes over as the school’s head instructor.
  • 2013 returns to active duty to fight in the twilight wars. Is deployed to Alaska to scout enemy positions and eliminate High Value Targets.

GySgt. Rafael Jack Hernandez

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