Uriel Tecumseh Sagan

Tall, lanky, bearded American Intelligence Operative.



155 Pounds
Pale Blue Eyes
Brown Shoulder-length Hair
Overgrown Beard


Ethnically, Uriel is of Russian Jewish descent. He stands above most men, and while his height is the first thing most people notice about him, those that know him would say his eyes are the most recognizable feature. Set in beneath thick dark eyebrows are a pair of piercing glacial blue irises, whose outer edge constitutes a ring of blue several shades darker. If eyes are the windows to the soul, Uriel’s speaks to silenced laughter, a quiet anger, and a confined storm brewing underneath the surface. Beyond their physical appearance though, is how he uses them. He watches intently, gleaning information and noticing details overlooked by others. Small subtle eye movements seem to carry greater significance, lending a penchant for persuasion and manipulation. Combined with what has been called an illegal smile, Uriel somehow ends up charming his way out of many a situation.

Uriel Tecumseh Sagan

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